We believe every move you make, however big or small, in the name of good, counts.

Using organic herbs, vitamins and minerals, each drink in the Herbal Fix range
uses a scientifically-prepared recipe to enhance your life.
We’re Herbal Fix – and we’re making a healthy difference.


Herbal Fix is Australia’s #1 range of six all-natural, functional beverages, which have been scientifically-formulated to work on specific functions of the body and brain.

Each beverage combines a unique combination of up to 7 organic herbs, 8 vitamins and minerals to compliment the healthy lifestyle we are all quickly moving towards.

Free from artificial ingredients, colours and flavours and with no processed sugars.

“Functional” beverages offer an array of benefits and solutions beyond hydration, using healthier ingredients.

Us Aussies want to feel refreshed, without the guilt and with added value. Value can come in the form of stimulation for a particular function or purpose or aspect of health.

For example, relaxation, skin nourishment, focus or intimacy.

Our mission is to produce a broad range of great tasting herbal beverages designed to promote health and well-being and to compliment the healthy lifestyles we are all quickly moving towards.

Herbal Fix has employed food scientists to develop 6 distinctively flavoured beverages to appeal to a broad cross section of consumers.

Herbs contain a large number of naturally occurring substances that have biological activity and compounds from plants.

Herbal remedies have been successfully used for thousands of years and are still the first choice in many cultures. They have also been known to have a profound transformation in health without the danger of side effects that are common in drug based medication.

Our beverages are sweetened with Stevia and Pure Crystalline Fructose which is a “naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables”. (Diabetes Forecast, 2013).

Pure fructose is not a processed sugar like sucrose and glucose. Pure fructose has a negligible effect on the carbohydrate composition of the diet because of the small volume of this sugar produced relative to all other naturally occurring and added starches, syrups and sweeteners.

Because pure fructose is sweeter than other sugars, less of it can be used to achieve the same level of sweetness. It is for this reason that each of our beverages contains only 4.95g pure fructose/100ml. This is almost negligible when compared to many of the other beverages on the market today.

Beyond this, fructose has a low glycaemic index (GI) and is compatible to those having special dietary needs such as diabetics. Fructose results in a moderate release of insulin to the bloodstream relative to processed sugars like, sucrose and glucose.

Herbal Fix is 100% Australian owned and made in Australia from at least 90% Australian ingredients.

Herbal Fix beverages are produced in Melbourne, VIC within a certified organic (NASA certified) factory environment.