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Herbal Fix WINS 2018 Stamegna Award for Innovation Second Year in a Row


G’day mate,

And Happy ‘Straya Day from Herbal Fix.

Get out your zinc, your Southern Cross cossies and be ready to throw another shrimp on the barbie because Herbal Fix will be hitting Bondi Beach on the 26th January.

Come join us from 11.30am and get your Herbal Fix on us while stocks last!

Our beverages are fair dinkum, true blue Aussie made and Aussie owned.

Herbal Fix at Bondi Beach on Australia Day.

You can’t get any more Aussie than that!




Herbal Fix produces a range of 6 delicious herbal beverages design to promote health and wellbeing.

Each drink is especially formulated to enhance specific functions of your mind and body.

BEAUTY –to help you glow from the inside out

SHAPE – for those working towards getting in shape

FOCUS – when it’s time to switch on and concentrate

LOVE – to stimulate your sensitive blood flows and desires

ACTIVE – the new look energy fix

RELAX – promoting a sense of relation and calm.





Herbal Fix is currently available in 7-Eleven, IGA Supermarkets, Dan Murphy’s (online), Ezymart and www.herbalfix.com.au