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Beauty Girls’ Secrets to their Best Body | Beauticate

Beauticate: They’re in the business of making women feel beautiful, so it’s no wonder they direct some of that knowledge back on themselves. But it’s not all my-body-is-a-temple stuff. From the cheats and treatments that get them through busy periods to the delicious snacks that aren’t totally boring, these are the head-to-toe-go-tos of those in-the-know.



When the chocolate craving hits at 3pm, I’ve started having a Beauty Herbal Fix drink which is super tasty but sweetened with stevia, so no sugar. It’s full of vitamins, collagen, aloe vera and other skin loving ingredients and tides me over til dinner. Hoping my old habits will die easily and this is the start of a brand new me. As ever, I’ll report back and let you know. 😉


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Author: Sigourney Cantelo

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